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Wood Art

My most recent endeavor has been something I've always wanted to explore. Life  throws curveballs and reassessing, regrouping and redirecting is often at play to keep driving forward. With that, I branched out to rendering artwork on wood. My goal is to let the piece of wood before me be the foundation whose beauty is never squelched by my hand. The wood directs the movement of my tools with its grain, and, or shape. It's a visual duet, featuring the beauty of wood as the music then adding my artistry as its story-telling lyric.


I refer to this on my Facebook page as "What's Coming Out of the Woodwork?" and I am in awe when I post the blanks online of what wondrous things others see before I post my finalized pieces.

couger sneak 600.jpg

What's Coming Out of the Woodwork?


The artwork above is rendered on wood using stains, gouache, gouache washes, and colored pencils, layered upon one another, always mindful of the grain, and then finished with a poly coating.  Woods I've worked with have been Cottonwood, Acacia, Maple Burl, Russian Olive, and Olive Wood. My favorite by far has been the olive wood. Its random yet strong grains have imagery like the other woods, yet more random, without my hand, often begging me to help tell their story.  I sell originals, but also make each piece available as giclee prints on archival paper, and gallery style metallic prints. The latter adds a modern twist to the imagery making it suitable for different styles of decor. 


Please reach out to me via my contact page for questions about purchasing originals and prints.  If you're interested in my process or current works as they're happening, you can follow me on my Facebook page @

My artwork is featured at Eagle Framing and Art Gallery in Reno NV &

North Tahoe Arts Center in Kings Beach, CA (Lake Tahoe).

(Regarding Children's book Publishing: I'm currently not seeking contracts for illustrating self published books or anything outside traditional publishing).

Little Red Before.jpg
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