2016 Christmas Card
"Belief Got Us This Far"
Riding Seabisquit
Pepperjack Isnt That by Cynthia Kremsner copyright 2016
Cover Swash
YAK Attack!
Ruff Seas
Pepperjack Isn't That
Harvesting Friendship
Boiling Seas Color
YAK Attack!
You Raise Me Up Tribute C Kremsner
I Believe I Can Fly  C Kremsner
Three Broken Bulbs
2017 Christmas Card
Four Fluffy Friends
The Pupparazzi
Ahoy Mateys
Cannon Canine
3 Christmas Card 2018
Hot Dogs
You're My Rainbow

​​© Copyright 2013 Illustrations by Cynthia Kremsner. No animals were harmed in the making of these images.

The Pupparazzi

From: "Howlywood Hounds" by Cynthia Kremsner